HTML Encode

HTML Encode

Free HTML Encoder online is a free service provided by You can convert any HTML Code to Encoded String format. Simply paste your HTML Code in the input box and click the Encode button. This tool can convert your HTML Code to HTML Encoded String.

What is HTML Encode used for?

As per the Microsoft documentation, HTML encoding ensures that text will be correctly displayed in the browser, not interpreted by the browser as HTML Code.

For example, if the string is something like 

selling price > cost price = <PROFIT>

It causes the browser to misrepresent <PROFIT> as the HTML tag and page won't load properly even it can cause invalid information to be displayed.

Hence, HTML Encoding will solve the issue. Here are the steps on how to convert HTML Code to Encoded string.

Steps to Use HTML Encode:

  1. Open the URL: 
  2. Paste the code in the text area and click on the Encode button.
  3. The tool converts the given HTML code to an encoded string.

HTML Encoder Example | How to use HTML Encoder

Image showing how to use the HTML Encode tool in

4. Use the encoded string in your HTML code.

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